Gate Types

Fencing Sydney Contractors also offers installation services of three fencing types: swing gates, automatic gates, and security gates.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are stylish enough to give your property a touch of luxury while also providing security. Swing gates need enough space so they can swing inward or outward, depending on the customer’s preference. It rotates around a fulcrum, similar to how doors function. This type of gate is easy to install in areas less than five meters wide and is a cost-effective option. There is no need for a concrete footing, and all that is needed are high-quality hinges, making the installation less expensive.

Swing gates, unlike sliding gates, do not need any side space for installation. It is also a better choice for childcare centers or parks because it has fewer moving parts, which means it’s less likely for hands to be caught in between.

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates add a level of prestige to your property. It is made up of various high-quality materials that come in a wide variety of colors and styles that will surely fit your preference. Electric motors are used in automatic gates to open and close by sending a command to the gate through various devices such as transmitters, control systems, and vehicle detection devices. This mechanism is attached to a swing or sliding gate.

Automatic gates can give extra security by providing a secured barrier that cannot be easily opened by anyone. It also provides flexibility since it can be controlled remotely, without the need to go outside to open and close the gates. However, when using automatic gates, it’s crucial to remember to keep safety in mind. It operates wide gates that, if not used properly, may cause injuries.

Security Gates

Security gates are usually used on industrial and commercial establishments where access should be restricted. Its aim is to ensure that only authorized people or vehicles have access to a certain area. Security gates come in a variety of configurations, such as bi-folding gates and cantilevered sliding gates, each serving a special function.

When choosing a security gate, there are a number of factors to consider. Security gates need space in different ways, depending on what you choose. Since some slide-out or open upwards, the available space must be considered. Another thing is to consider how frequently the gate will be used and how quickly should it move. This is important in business establishments. A security gate is often used together with an automatic control system.

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