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Aluminium Fencing

Transform Your Home With Quality Fencing

Matching an aluminum fencing design is ideal for a range of residential and commercial real estate. Almost maintenance-free, it excellent for adding reliable security, along with increased curb appeal. For this reason, it has become a popular option for securing swimming pool enclosures across many Australian backyards as it also has superior anti-rusting properties, like Colorbond. It provides fantastic separation between kids, pets and wanted animals from entering the pool, while offering 2-way visibility. 

If you are living in Sydney  and thinking about what fence to install around your home, pool, deck or patio areas, Aluminum fences may be the perfect fencing for you!

Benefits Of Aluminium Fencing

Known for its excellent versatility, short/tall, dark/light and modern/classic designs, the aluminium fence has no issues blending in with your dream home style.

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Large Variety Of Styles & Colours

You can purchase and install a wide variety of aluminium fencing solutions to your home. This can range from your aluminium slat fencing to picket fence design. These come in a variety of styles, heights, and colors giving you the homeowner plenty of choices to pick the right look for your home, driveway, gate and etc.

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Excellent Weatherproof Durability

Unlike the previous predecessor of using wrought iron fences, using aluminium fencing provides anti-rust properties. Its advanced design and composition makes it ideal for all year round protection as it offers chipping, peeling and cracking resistance

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Carefree Easy Maintenance

Similar to Colorbond fences, the aluminium fence is very easy to maintain and require very little to no maintenance whatsoever. Simply a set and forget option, that delivers tremendous security, protection and convenience at no compromise.

Secure Your Home With Secure Protection

Decorate your home, garden, swimming pool, patio, gate or even driveway with Aluminium Fencing Styles. Installed by professional fence builders and installers, your project is in safe hands with Fencing Sydney Co.


Our team of expert Aluminium Slat Fencing specialists will guide you from day 1 to ensure that your happiness is our priority. Building your dream fence is our passion.


Quality is something we take very seriously and this is transparent through our staff, technology and workmanship. It is what has transformed us into industry leaders.


Decorating your home and real estate doesn’t have to be a massive burden on your pockets. That’s why we offer many affordable aluminium fences to suit.

Aluminium Slat fencing
Stratco Aluminium Slat Fencing

The aluminium slat fencing design offers an excellent sleek and modern style to match any home style without any compromise to protection and security. 

Similar to colorbond fencing, it also offers tremendous durability and weatherproof properties, making it a great carefree option among all the other fencing alternatives. For example, unlike timber fencing, an aluminium fencing will not have to undergo splinter or cracking issues. It can also come in wooden grain style colours as well to provide that natural finish as well. 

The aluminium slat fence, really is a great versatile fencing alternative. Also a popular option for fencing the pool as it provides segregation, protection and 2 way visibility through the slits.

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Aluminium Benefits

  • Weatherproof Durability
  • Great Variety Of Colours
  • Strong Resistance
  • Australian Focused Design
  • Affordable Fencing Concept