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5 Simple Signs That You Need Fence Repairs

Typically, having your fence installed professionally with fencing contractors would assure that it’d be durable to last for a long time. This is true, however, even if your fence is of top quality and installed professionally, with Father Time you can definitely expect to see some wear and tear. Especially in the Australian climate with scorching Summers and Winter Chills, your fence can really take a beating, making it hard to maintain all the time. Of course, with some minor blemishes, these can be serviceable and repaired. As for the more major issues, not so fortunate, a replacement may be needed depending on how big the problem is.  

Nonetheless, let us dive into 5 easy ways for you to determine if you need fence repairs or a full fence replacement, the difference of thousands of dollars and ultimately safety for your family. The last thing you want is for your fence to collapse and cause injury.

Fence Repairs Vs Fence Replacement

1) Slanted Fence – Is it leaning to the side?

Does your fence currently lean awkwardly to one side and doesn’t quite look the way it was installed? Chances are, you will need to have your fence repaired by removing the existing posts, the vertical bars that hold your fence upright, with a new set. Inspect your current posts for damage as this can significantly influence the posture of your fence, hence the lean as it is being overcompensated due to poor structure. If your post appears to look fine, we recommend investigating the fence and see if it is still intact and in good shape. Same reason applies to the fence, especially for an aluminium fence, despite being a durable option, it can still be prone to misalignment. Which can be the case where the ground is uneven and unstable due to soft soil. Best to have these areas cemented to restore stability. Of course, if you plan to repair the fence on your own, please do take special caution. If the cement hardens and you incorrectly install your posts, it will a lot more difficult to fix and place you in a bigger dilemma than what you started with.

fence repairs

2) Insect Infestation & Damage

Especially if you’re an owner of a wooden/timber fence, if you take a moment to inspect your fence, you may notice some damage as a result of insect infestation. If you see areas of where there are existing bugs, you may see holes and gnawing along the edges and crevices.

This is why we always encourage you to take a moment to check up on your fence every now and then. It may appear to look good in the far distance, but a close inspection will allow you to see these damaged areas. Over time, as this accumulates, the further damage penetrates and tamper with the structural integrity of the framework. The best solution is early diagnosis, find these early otherwise you may risk having a weak sitting fence and the longer you expose it, the greater the likelihood that you will need a full fence replacement instead of fence repair. Take care of the insects and that should prolong the condition of your fence for longer.

3) Discolouration

In case you see gray or yellow stains on your fence, then it implies your wood has been attacked by molds or has started to rot, especially for timber fences and post and rail fencing. Such a problem can arise especially during the rainy seasons, making your fence grow mould and ultimately turn soft. This will mean that you will require proper fence repairs by using treated timber that is more resistant to mould and rotting effects. Leave this unattended and ignored and you will risk growing rot to the extreme that it collapses. This would be a serious safety concern for you and your family.

4) Splintering

Are there clear signs of splintering and cracks in your fence? These are beginning signs of deterioration and could be a serious issue if left for long. As mentioned in the latter, these effects are typically seen in combination with discolouration as a result of wear and tear. These can be easily seen on white picket fencing installations where the splintering is contrasted against the white finish, so best to keep an eye on this.

timber paling fence

5) Loose fasteners

Observe for nails, nuts, bolts and screws being loose. Check if they are still tight and intact. These are essentially what keeps your fence such as your colorbond fencing framework solid and intact. Very important if you have glass pool fencing as you wouldn’t want to risk having loose glass panels falling  from the balcony or second floor. Perhaps it could be a good idea to have these regularly changed and replaced every now and then

Quality Fence Repairs and Installations

In case your fence shows any of the above signs, then you should contact a local fencing company to assist you in fence repair. Getting a reputable company like us, may be the best option as we can easily evaluate the condition of your fence and decide the best possible fencing repair for you.