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Discover That Natural & Rustic Finish

Inspired to achieve that beautiful and natural look for your dream home or project? Well, it is by no surprise that the paling fence and timber fence have become a growing popular option for many current and aspiring homeowners. Whether it is it’s affordable, budget-friendly aspect or its rustic design, there are many reasons as to why so many Australians just love it.

Created from quality grade timber, it truly does compliment any garden, timber & steel home design and green surroundings. The perfect earthy match that everyone needs to consider for both modern and vintage designed homes. 

Benefits Of The Timber Paling Fence

Here are a few of the many common benefits of installing a timber fence and paling fence for your own beautiful home.

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Natural Quality Finish

Using timber fencing comes with the benefit that it is composed of high grade timber with very few added artificial components. It only accentuates the natural look and finish of your home and its surroundings. A highly sought style for those with a great garden or are looking to showcase a perfect blend of nature and modern design.

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Excellent Coverage, Protection and Privacy

Our timber fencing Sydney designs for the paling fence provide fantastic privacy as it leaves very little to no visibility for strangers to peep through. There are no gaps or holes, meaning you can live comfortably with peace of mind and calm privacy.

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Economical and Budget-Friendly

Complete the desired finish of your beautiful home with this award-winning look without burning through too much cash. The paling fence is an excellent alternative to other fences when it comes to affordability and budget-friendly options.

Quality Paling Timber Fencing Solutions

Your beautiful home is in reliable trusted hands. Fencing Sydney Contractors specialise in the installation of quality timber fences and paling fences because we have been doing this for so many years now. Our work ethic and professionalism is second to none.


Our trusted paling fence builders and installer will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are well informed of the process from day 1


We only use quality timber fence materials and state of the art equipment to deliver nothing short of a premium finish for your beautiful home.


Great affordable timber fencing designs to match your preference and budget needs. You are more than welcome to call for further assistance.

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Fitting a paling fence to your home is a great to add privacy and protection in a cost-effective manner as it is probably one of the more affordable options. A possible alternative to Colorbond fences, picket fences and aluminium fencing, although not popular as a pool fencing option as for safety reasons, it is recommended to be able to see the other side of the fence clearly.

Even though it appears to be a minor section of your home’s exterior, the surrounding fence plays a huge role in building security, curb appeal and ultimately your home’s worth. A great investment for any family looking to protect their home while maintaining its market value. That’s why having a paling fence installed by professionals is an excellent way of achieving both, economically stylish. One of the most important decisions to make for your home.


You can select between various heights to suit your liking and level of privacy, something our team can assist you with as well. Simply get in touch with our friendly staff by email, live chat or phone today.

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Paling Fence Benefits

  • Durable
  • Natural Touch and Feel
  • Varying Heights & Designs
  • Excellent Protection Privacy
  • Affordable