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Rustic & Country - Post and Rail Fencing

The post and rail fencing design is perhaps one of the most rustic styles available. It reveals an ambient, simple country life touch, making it a perfect fence for many of our rural homes or those with large acres of land. In particular the split rail and post fencing concept where it  consists of two or three split rails or rungs, inserted into two equally rough-finished wooden vertical posts. 

The vertical posts are then stabilised into the ground typically with the use of concrete mix. It truly is one of the the simplest, yet most functional fence designs. Excellent for dividing areas of land without obstructing the view with a conservative vintage build.

Benefits Of Post and Rail Fencing

There is are numerous benefits and advantages as to why the post and rail fence is so widely adopted on rural properties such as farms and large real estate, some of which include the following.

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Natural and Simplistic Design

Safely secure your home, farm, acreage and so on, without compromise to design. Perfectly blends well with natural surroundings adding an extra scent of ambience and country-living.

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Sturdy and Physical Build

The post and rail fence is composed of sturdy large posts and rails, solidified with mixed cement to provide a solid foundation. Fantastic for segregation and dividing large land where there is livestock and cattle roaming around. Can withstand a physical beating and can be installed on uneven sloped land.

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Cost Effective

Post and rail fences are an economical and cost-effective alternative for large real estate and land. These can come in various styles making it equally customisable to fit your budget needs and plans.

Secure Your Land & Home With Ease

Blessed with owning large acres of land and pasture? Well, we all know it is one thing to own and another to maintain it. For peace of mind, there is post and rail fencing designs to help you achieve luxury comfort.


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An excellent and affordable fencing alternative for homeowners of large land, such as farm and rural real estate. Best of all, it is a great budget-friendly solution

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Fencing Sydney Contractors are proud to be one of Sydney’s most highly recognised fencing contractors for many reasons. From superior workmanship to quality installations and finishes, we are truly the builders of dreams. Our mission is to offer our expert advice and insight so that you can make the right and best decision for your home. 

Choosing the right fence can be a nightmare, especially when post and rail fencing styles can be installed as tall, short, coloured and so on. Don’t let the planning and design steal the moment of this enjoyable milestone.

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Post & Rail Benefits

  • Physical and Sturdy Design
  • Economical for Large Land
  • Rustic and Natural Finish
  • Australian Focused Design
  • Conveniently Customisable